Parker Products are designed for easy configuration to make a complete motion system - from miniature precision for life sciences to overhead gantries for the factory floor.

Automation Controllers

Parker automation controllers have advanced features built-in, such as kinematics transformation for the control of robots and other non-linear functions. With a variety of communication protocol options, these controllers are easily adapted into your machine network and can help manage your internet data connectivity for machine to machine communications, with our embedded Xpress platform.

PAC Controller

automation technologies guide

The vast product line of Parker all in one catalog! Download it today for specifics on every Parker product.

Servo Stepper Drives

Servo & Stepper Drives

Parker servo and stepper drives are designed to deliver a maximum amount of power output and performance. With various ad controls and commmunication protocols, Parker drives are optimized to ease integration.

Servo Stepper Motors

Rotary & Linear Motors

Parker rotary motors provide maximum torque density. They also provide cog-free rotary motion for the best low-speed smoothness. The product offering scales from small linear motor components to the largest force capacity.


Rotary & Linear Positioners

Parker offers best-in-class positioner designs with screw, belt, or linear motor-drive technologies. The award-winning designs lead the way with unmatched flexibility and precision capabilities for both OEMs and sytem integrators.

T-Slot Aluminum Framing (IPS)

Parker T-Slot aluminum framing utilizes aircraft-grade aluminum for robust, high-strength assemblies. Choose from individual components, bundled inventory, kits, and turnkey systems.

ONExia also offers full engineering, fabrication, and assembly services. We are the single source/complete resource for all your structural design needs.

Using our in-house inventory, many orders can be fulfilled in one business day.


Gearheads & Gearmotors

With expert machining and high precision designs, the Parker gearheads have precision options with less than three arc-minutes of backlash. Other gearhead options include NEMA sizes, right angle, dual drive, and more.

Electric Cylinders

Electric Cylinders

Parker has one of the most complete electric cylinder product lines available, offering high speed linear motor versions, high-force ball screw cylinders, extreme-force roller screw cylinders, and lead screw/ball screw versions.

Cartesian System

Cartesian Systems

Parker offers multi-axis Cartesian and gantry-style robots as standard pre-configured. Parker solutions can be customized to precision cleanroom and laboratory motion to heavy-duty industrial automation.

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Parker offers HMI solutions for every application, from simple push-button replacement to sophisticated networking, multimedia, and data logging requirements.

Parker pre-loads Interact Xpress or InteractX HMI software on PowerStation industrial computers to provide a ready-to-go HMI solution. This bundled approach reduces development and integration time for your HMI project.

Parker HMIs

Manually Driven Positioning Slides & Stages

Parker has been the leader in supplying manual positioners to industries and laboratories around the world. These positioners are utilized for applications that include laser beaming directing, fiber optics alignment, assembly fixturing, tooling, microscope specimen positioning, camera focusing, and many others - even experiments in outter space.

  • Precision quality
  • Budget friendly
  • Laregest selection
  • Easy multi-axis configuration
  • No maintenance
  • Vacuum preparation and custom options

Parker has thousands of ball slides, crossed roller slides and linear and rotary manual positioning stages. All Paker Daedal slides and stages are precision grade products, offering low friction, accurate and smooth linear motion.

Rotary stages are also available for easy configuration of linear/rotary combinations.

Parker HMIs