Omron Delta Tau

Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. is the leading developer and manufacturer for innovative, high-performance machine and motion controllers with more than 30 years of experience and 1,000,000 axes of motion.

Power PMAC

The world’s most flexible and powerful motion controller for high-end applications, backed by 30 years of motion control experience.

  • Flexible Motion Computer
  • High-Performance Motion Computer
  • Simulink with Power PMAC
  • Linux OS plus Windows IDE
  • Power PMAC Supports IEC 61131-3
  • Sophisticated Firmware & Reliability

Motion Machine PC

The Motion Machine PC comprises a Linux- or Windows-based PC running the Power PMAC kernel. This offers all of the intelligence, power and capabilities of our Power PMAC controller with the convenience of running on familiar PC hardware, granting greater flexibility in application development. This product is ideal for distributed control networks controlled through EtherCAT and/or Modbus protocols.

  • EtherCAT
  • CoE Protocol Support for basic I/O and DS402 drives
  • Three display ports (DVI-I, Display Port, HDMI)
  • 128 GB solid state drive (SSD)
  • Four 100/1000 Base T Ethernet ports
  • Two ports dedicated to Windows/Linux LAN
  • Two ports dedicated to Motion Core (i.e. one EtherCAT and one Modbus)Six USB ports with two of the ports USB 3.0 capable in the i7 version
  • Two RS232/422/485 ports
  • No fan or internal cabling
  • Industrial aluminum casing
  • Small form factor 10” × 6” × 2.7”, DIN-rail wall mount
  • 9 – 36 VDC (+24 VDC @ 3 A) (Min 72 W) AT/ATX
  • CE, UL, CCC, FCC, C-TICK, BSMI certiGed
  • Two Mini PCIe Slots
motion machine pc

Power PMAC Etherlite

The Power PMAC CPU is the most powerful and most flexible controller that Delta Tau presently offers, now integrated into this compact, panel mount format. The Power PMAC UMAC CPU can control up to 256 axes, whether through direct local control, or distributed control over a MACRO fiber optic ring, or over an EtherCat network. Delta Tau offers enough peripherals over MACRO such that the user can customize his or her system to his liking while maintaining modularity and flexibility.

  • Extremely fast update rates (Phase and Servo)
  • Standard PID with full feedforward model
  • Powerful automatic tuning and analyzer tools
  • Analog, Pulse Width Modulated (PWM), Pulse Frequency Modulated (PFM), MACRO or EtherCAT Outputs
  • Vibration suppression filters
  • Multiple 7th order notch and low pass filters
  • Adaptive control for varying loads
  • Cascaded loops (force, height, camera auto-focus control)
  • Support for custom-written commutation routines
  • Support for custom-written servo routines
  • Custom routines directly in C or from MATLAB®/Simulink®
motion machine pc


The Power PMAC UMAC CPU is the most powerful and most flexible controller that Delta Tau presently offers. It is intended to be used in a 3U UMAC Rack, which is a modular rack format permitting the user to configure his or her rack with whatever I/O, servo control cards, MACRO cards, or any other accessory card Delta Tau offers for the UMAC Rack format, to build a totally user-customized system.

The Power PMAC UMAC CPU can control up to 256 axes, whether through direct local control, or distributed control over a MACRO fiber optic ring, or over an EtherCat network.

umac cpu

Power UMAC

The Power UMAC is the 3U UMAC modular rack format controlled by Delta Tau's newest, flagship controller, the Power PMAC. Power UMAC can use the vast majority of the same accessories that Turbo UMAC can, but can also use three newer cards with highly advanced, flexible Gate3 technology.

umac cpu

Power Clipper

The Power Clipper is a compact embedded solution for more cost sensitive and OEM applications, but packed with the power of the cutting edge Power PMAC processor and the unsurpassed custom-designed Digital Signal Processor Gate3 ASIC bundled into one compact panel-mount board.

Output Control

The Power Clipper provides servo loop closure (position or torque) ouputs:

  • Analog +/-10V 13.5 bit Filtered PWM
  • Pulse and Direction With Accessory Stack Board
  • 18-Bit True DAC
  • Sine Wave
  • PWM

GP Inputs/Outputs

  • 32 general-purpose TTL I/O points, direction selectable by byte
  • 16-point mux port, Delta Tau I/O accessory compatible
  • 16-point “opto” port, opto-22 style optically isolated modules compatible
  • Supports thousands of I/O points
  • 1 Filtered PWM DAC Output (optional)
  • 4 12-Bit Analog Inputs
  • PWM Laser Option
power clipper

Power Clipper Drive

The Power PMAC Clipper Drive combines the intelligence and capability of the Power PMAC Clipper motion controller with the latest MOSFET technology, resulting in a compact, 4-axis, smart servo control package. The flexibility of Power PMAC enables the Power PMAC Clipper Drive to operate Stepper, Brush, or Brushless motors with unsurpassed pure digital DSP performance.

  • Control of Three-Phase DC Brushless and Two-Phase DC Brush and Stepper Motors.
  • Handwheel port providing two differential Quadrature encoder inputs and two differential PFM outputs or PWM output pairs
  • 4 Channels of Direct Digital PWM Outputs
  • 4 Integrated Channels of Servo Amplifiers Delivering up to 5 A Continuous / 15 A Peak
  • Protection for Bus Overvoltage, Bus Undervoltage, Over-Temperature, Short Circuit, and Overcurrent faults.
  • 1 Gbps Ethernet communication
  • All computational features available in all Power PMAC Products
  • 32 general-purpose TTL I/O points that are direction-selectable by byte
  • 16-point mux port, Delta Tau I/O accessory compatible
  • 16-point “opto” port, Opto-22 style optically isolated modules compatible
power clipper

Delta Tau Power Brick

power brick LV

Power Brick LV

  • 4/8 Axis
  • 12-65 VDC Bus Input
  • Simultaneous Control Of Brushless Servo, Brush Servo and 2-Phase Stepper Motors
  • Output Current Options Cont./Inst.) 1) 5a/15a 2 1a/3a 3 250ma/750ma
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) Safety Feature with Dual Inputs with Feedback
  • Redesigned Power Stage for improved robustness
  • Up to 4 16-Bit DAC Output Option for 4 Axis Units
power brick controller

Power Brick Controller

  • 4/8 Axis with Output Options:
  • Additional General Purpose 12-14v I/O
  • Modular CPU design
  • Transparent programming in Power PMAC Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Low Cost MACRO (Real-time fieldbus based upon fiber Ethernet) Expandability
  • Built-in Analog Inputs / Outputs even on 8-Axis units
  • Secondary feedback support on all channels (Serial or Quadrature)
  • Multiple built-in Serial Encoder Protocols
power brick AC

Power Brick AC

Power Brick AC is the newest product in Delta Tau’s lineup of intelligent amplifiers, offering the flexible and powerful Power PMAC, which is capable of controlling up to 256 axes simultaneously with built-in or customized servo control filters and trajectory generation algorithms, along with 4, 6, or 8 axes of local amplifiers, all in one easily-wired panel mount form factor. It can handle essentially any feedback protocol on the market, including digital quadrature, serial, sinusoidal, resolver, and analog.

Power PMAC-NC Interface Panel

The Power PMAC-NC Machine Interface Panel (MIP22) is an industrial Machine Interface Panel with a 22” LED Touch Screen and feature rich handheld control pendant. The MIP22 features an industrial long life motherboard with all solid state media and low power consumption components. The MIP22 front panel can be customized to add application specific buttons, switches, or other devices. The MIP22 comes pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows 7 Professional.

There are four externally accessible USB ports. Internally a Gigabit LAN port connects to PMAC devices. The Pendant communicates via Ethernet directly to the Power PMAC or through a user supplied Ethernet switch. The MIP22 was specifically designed to leverage the latest Power PMAC-NC Software Suite. The unit is easily serviceable and can accept various auxiliary DIN rail mountable devices internally. The Power PMAC Pendant can be purchased separately.

PMAC CNC Terminal

PMAC Software



The Power PMAC-NC HMI (PPNC) is a PC based CNC application for Power PMAC controlled machinery. The PPNC is both configurable and customizable, and can support various machine configurations up to 10 Axes. PPNC includes a G-code editor, tool and work offsets, G-code execution monitor, and many other features. Included with the PPNC is the Power PMAC code project which is used to configure and customize the application. More advanced customization of the PPNC screens and functionality can be achieved through the available Power PMAC-NC SDK. A Power PMAC controller is required to use Power PMAC-NC.



The Power PMAC Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software is based on the Visual Studio programming environment. It is used to develop, debug, and test Power PMAC programs developed in Delta Tau’s proprietary Power PMAC Script language or in the C programming language.



The Power PMAC-NC Software Development Kit (SDK) is the customizable C# source code project for Power PMAC-NC. It allows sophisticated customization to the screens and functionality of the base Power PMAC-NC application. Developers can modify the existing PPNC application or use the base code as a starting point for completely custom applications. The PPNC SDK has successfully been used by OEM’s and end users alike. It is not unusual for customers to create sophisticated multi-coordinate system complex systems using the PPNC SDK. The PPNC SDK is built on Microsoft technology and requires Visual Studio 2013 or newer to compile the PPNC SDK source code.