Bishop Wisecarver

The Bishop Wisecarver product line includes quality components and accessories, manual linear guide systems, actuated linear guide systems and rotary guides and systems. Stainless steel, high temperature, washdown and clean room-compatible products.


T RACE Linear & Telescopic Guides

T RACE products are well known for their originality in both the dimensions and geometric shapes and for their innovative production processes. C-shaped rails with internal raceways, coupled with roller sliders or ball cage sliders, offer the best performance and size available on the market. These products are well suited for applications where environmental conditions are critical and where ease of installation is required. T RACE provides:

  • Increased load/movement capacities
  • Much increased corrosion resistances
  • Easy assembly
  • High rigidity and high capacity for excellent durability
  • Low cost

Signature Motion Linear Actuators

Bishop-Wisecarver’s Signature Motion Linear Actuators (SMLA) are a diverse offering of premium and cost efficient actuators. Running the range from compact to precision all the way to heavy duty and even wet applications, SMLA actuators are engineered for a wide variety of industries, applications and challenges. SMLA actuators are made from the highest quality materials including AISI certified carbon and stainless steel, extruded and anodized aluminum. They also feature multiple customization options such as controllers, home and limit switches, and mounting configurations to ensure ultimate control in the design of your system. For further convenience, all actuators are built to pair with NEMA motors.

  • Actuators for entry level up to advanced high precision
  • Component technology for every environment
  • Complete actuator assemblies, with motor and drive options
  • Standardized options and configurations for rapid ordering
  • Motors, drives, travel sensors, repair kits, and replacement parts

Actuated Linear Guide Systems

When a standalone unit is required, our range of belt, chain, lead screw and ball screw actuators covers all applications from low load to heavy duty, from fast to slow speeds. Corrosion-resistant versions to accommodate food and laboratory applications are available in several of our linear actuator lines.

  • Guide wheel-based linear actuators and motion stages
  • Power transmission via reinforced belt, roller chain, ball screw, or lead screw
  • Motor mounts for motors and gearboxes from any manufacturer
  • High rigidity and high capacity for excellent durability
  • Designs for every environment from clean room to extra dirty, oven to freezer
  • Stainless steel, carbon steel, polymer and aluminum

Manual Linear Guide Systems

Our linear guide products are available in several sizes to accommodate loads of all types, from light to heavy. Our linear guide product offering is suitable for use in numerous applications, such as machine designs requiring incorporation of linear guide products into the machine structure. We also offer motor mounts for our linear guide products for applications that require a separate drive unit. Carbon, stainless steel, and polymer versions are available to suit any application environment.

  • Easy to install, assemble and adjust
  • Self-cleaning design for all environments
  • Smooth and quiet for low friction motion
  • High accuracy, high cycle and high speed capable
  • Heavy duty load capacities up to 4,274 lbs for durability and long life
  • Stainless steel, carbon steel, polymer and aluminum

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