Pickit 3D

Pickit is a plug and play 3D vision system that provides a user friendly and flexible system which solves many different vision applications within the robotics market.

3D Vision System for Robotics

Pickit guides your robot to pick and place a wide range of products in different applications.

  • Fast, easy setup
  • Detect overlapping parts in 3D
  • Detect parts in all colors
  • Detect parts of most materials
  • Works in changing and poor light conditions

Pick-it 3D is the ideal solution for automating big or small batches with fast changeovers.

Robotic Vision System

A complete 3D vision product includes Pickit software, a camera, an industrial processor, and necessary cables to set up a vision-guided robotic application.

Easy software

  • No need for any programming
  • Configuration is done through an easy to use web interface
  • Runs on an included dedicated processor

3D camera

  • Finds overlapping products of varying sizes
  • Works with reflective surfaces
  • Works in changing and poor light conditions

Industrial processor

  • Pick-it includes a powerful industrial processor
  • The Pick-it 3D vision system is pre-installed
  • Connect through Ethernet to your robot
Pick-it products
Pickit M-HD

Pickit M-HD

Highly accurate 3D vision system

  • Small and medium parts or surfaces
  • Object size starting from 10x10x5 mm
Pickit L-HD

Pickit L-HD

Large field of view 3D vision system

  • Medium and large parts, bins, and pallets
  • Object size starting from 50x50x10 mm
Pickit L

Pickit L

Versatile low-cost 3D vision system

  • Medium and large parts or surfaces
  • Objects size starting from 50x50x10 mm

Robotic Bin Picking Kit

The Bin Picking Kit combines Pickit and Robotiq to provide a turn-key solution for locating, picking, handling and placing flat and cylindrical parts.

Kit Includes

  • Robotiq EPick Gripper
  • Extension kit
  • Pickit M-HD camera
  • Robotiq Machine Tending Copilot
Pick-it feature

Vision System for Robotics Students

The Pickit R&D system provides an affordable 3D vision system for your engineering team that teaches 3D perception, motion control, trajectory generation, and grasp planning.

The Kit Contains

  • The Pickit M 3D camera
  • An extensive ROS interface for advanced functionalities and component interfacing
  • A non-industrial downsized processor
  • perfect fit for research