Industrial Robots

Our diverse offering of robots provides our customers with the technology needed to automate their processes efficiently. We offer complete integration and training services to insure the project is a total success.

Articulated Robots (6 Axis Robots)

Articulated Robots are 6 axis robot arms that offer high-speed and precision. Available in varying sizes these versatile robots are designed for applications where precision is essential and also where a high payload is needed.

Adept Robot

Adept Hornet Robot

The Adept Viper six-axis robot is a high-performance articulated robot ideal for assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, and many other operations requiring speed and accuracy in a 650mm or 850mm reach.

SCARA Robots

A SCARA robot (selective compliance assembly robot arm) is slightly compliant in the X-Y direction but rigid in the ‘Z’ direction, hence the term: selective compliant.

SCARA robot

Adept Cobra Robot

High-performance SCARA robot system for mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, screw driving, and other applications that require fast and precise automation.

SCARA robot

Adept eCobra Robot

Omron's Adept eCobra 600/800 SCARA robotsfeatures 600 or 800-mm reach and is available in three performance tiers, each designed to address different application complexity and throughput requirements.

comau robots

Comau Rebel-S6-0.75

The Comau Rebel S family is a modular concept to answer the growing market demand in the small robot sector for high speed "Pick and Place" applications in general industry.

Delta Robots (Parallel Robot)

Delta robots are ceiling mounted and consist of three joint arms that connect at the tooling center point. These robots are often used in very high speed pick and place applications.

delta robot


The Hornet 565 is a parallel robot for high-speed picking and packaging applications. It features a hygienic design that minimizes contamination risks, including a standard IP65 rated work area and corrosion resistant materials for easy wash down.

delta robot


The Quattro™ Parallel robot excels at high-speed applications in packaging, manufacturing, assembly, and material handling .Ultra-compact controls and embedded amplifiers improve footprint efficiency while simplifying installation.

delta robot

Asyril Delta Robot Module

Asyril's integrated flexible feeding module has an integrated delta robot. This system represents a turnkey solution for the reliable, fast and precise feeding of a near infinite range of very small bulk parts and components in a compact design.

Vacuum Grippers

For objects that a standard electric grippers cannot grasp we offer a line vacuum products that can be easily integrated onto all of our robotic arms.

vacuum gripper


Kenos is a leading brand for large area vacuum grippers. It is designed and optimized to be used in various applications e.g. packaging, wood, food etc. The product group represents a flexible solution for the handling manipulation of several products with different shapes, dimensions and compactness.

ur vacuum gripper

Piab Vacuum Gripper System – VGS

The Piab Vacuum Gripper System eliminates unnecessary components for vacuum end of arm tooling on industrial and collaborative robots. By including the generator on the end of the arm response time is increased leading to a more efficient robotic solution. The modular design is also ideal for applications where suction cup changeover is needed.

Mobile Robots

Self navigating Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV)

The Omron LD Mobile Robot is a self navigating Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV) designed for dynamically moving material in challenging environments that may include confined passageways as well as dynamic and peopled locations. Unlike traditional autonomously guided vehicles (AGVs), Omron Mobile Robots requires no facility modifications, such as floor magnets or navigational beacons, saving users up to 15% in deployment costs.

Mobile Robots

The LD includes Omron’s proprietary software and controls allowing it to intelligently navigate around people and unplanned obstacles, that render traditional AGVs incapacitated and it can be programmed and functional within a day. Designed for developers, integrators, and end-users the system can be customized for a variety applications and payloads. Manufacturing, warehousing, clean tech, and laboratories are just a few environments ideal for the mobile robot.