Machine Controllers

ONExia provides single and multi-axis machine controllers that can drive entire machines without the need for additional controls.

PAC Controller

Parker ACR7000 - Multi-Axis Stepper System

A family of integrated, multi-axis motion controllers, the ACR7000 continues the success of the 9000 and IPA, with new, streamlined low power hardware solutions.

  • 800MHz ARM(R) Cortex(R)-A8 processor
  • Ethernet communications supports PC and I/O communications
  • High performance servo and stepper drive variants
  • 24-48VDC input power
  • Utilizes proven, powerful AcroBasic motion control
  • Servo drives rated to 8A continuous, stepper drives to 4A
motion machine pc

Delta Tau Motion Machine PC

The Motion Machine PC comprises a Linux- or Windows-based PC running the Power PMAC kernel. This offers all of the intelligence, power and capabilities of our Power PMAC controller with the convenience of running on familiar PC hardware, granting greater flexibility in application development.

parker aries

Parker Aries Controllers

The ACR control platform supports a wide variety of motion control applications, providing the machine designer an unprecedented level of fl exibility. Everything from single-axis point-to-point motion through multi-tasking programs controlling high performance multi-axis circular interpolation is available within the ACR platform.

Machine Automation Controllers

Omron CK3M -Programmable Multi-Axis Controller

he new CK3M-series motion controller is a programmable, multi-axis technology that delivers never-before-seen output speeds and enables nano-level, high-precision positioning. Combining the advanced motion control capabilities originally developed by Delta Tau Systems with Omron’s compact and streamlined design, the new controller has a variety of features that enhance quality and flexibility on the production line, particularly for industries like automotive and semiconductor.

  • Output speeds of 50 µs/5 axes
  • Nanoscale motion control capabilities
  • Connectivity to any motor or encoder using axis and accessory modules
  • EtherCAT connection for flexibility in connectivity
  • Advanced kinematics for robot and CNC control
CK3M Machine Controller
Machine Controller

Omron NJ1

The NJ1 is the entry level Sysmac CPU, designed to address basic industrial controller applications, while improving engineering integration time, system flexibility, and overall performance.

Machine Controller

Omron NJ3

The NJ3 expands the Omron Sysmac NJ-Series Machine Automation Controller (MAC) platform to 4 and 8 axes.

Machine Controller

Omron NJ5

The NJ-Series hardware has been designed to adapt to the quickly changing demands of a machine automation controller.

Machine Controller

Omron NX1P

NX1P is a powerful all-in-one controller in the sysmac platform designed to manage advanced motion, networking, IO and onsite IoT in a compact entry model.

Machine Controller

Omron NX7

The NX7 is the highest performance Sysmac CPU, designed to address the most demanding industrial control and motion applications, laying the infrastructure for Big Data support.