Universal Robots Integrator

Collaborative robots are the answer to your labor shortage! Being a Universal Robots Certified Systems Integrator, ONExia provides turn-key robotic cells geared towards automating manual processes typically done by skilled workers.

turn-key robotic cell

Integration Services

Collaborative robots are giving manufactures a new way of automating by providing flexible technology that can be repurposed as production demands change.

ONExia provides the services needed to put cobots to work in your manufacturing processes.

  • Turn-key cobot cells
  • 2D vision integration
  • 3D bin picking automation
  • Application programming
  • Custom pedestals / bases
  • Safety integration
  • Hard guarding
  • Custom additional axes
  • Gripper selection / integration
  • Custom end-of-arm tooling
machine tending robot

Collaborative robots are a cost-effective alternative to traditional robotic solutions giving manufacturers of all sizes the opportunity to automate.

We understand the risks associated investing in automation and provide un-parallel service both pre-sale and post-sale to assure our customers confidence in each robot we integrate.

Pre-sale Services

  • Hands-on demonstrations of products interest that are needed for your application
  • Proof of concept where we take actuals parts and provide video for the customer to review
  • Detailed quotation of all the components needed for building the robot cell

After Sale Services & Support

  • On-site training and integration of the completed project
  • Warranty troubleshooting and repairs on-site
  • Additional accessories, tooling, and upgrades as applications change
  • Continued support through additional deployments

Universal Robots

The Universal Robots e-Series is the next generation of collaborative robots.

UR E-Series Collaborative Robots

Each cobot has a different reach and payload, but they share the same precision, accuracy and dependability that make them a valuable addition to any production facility.


  • Reach: 500mm / 19.7 ins
  • Payload: 3 kg / 6.6 lbs
  • Weight: 11.2 kg / 24.7 lbs
  • Footprint: 128 mm / 4.6 ins
  • Axis: 6 axis
  • IP class: IP54


  • Radius: 850mm / 33.5 ins
  • Payload: 5 kg / 11 lbs
  • Weight: 20.6 kg / 45.4 lbs
  • Footprint: 149 mm / 5.9 ins
  • Axis: 6 axis
  • IP class: IP54


  • Radius: 1300mm / 51.2 ins
  • Payload: 10 kg / 22 lbs
  • Weight: 33.5 kg / 73.9 lbs
  • Footprint: 190 mm / 7.5 ins
  • Axis: 6 axis
  • IP class: IP54


  • Radius: 900mm / 35.4 ins
  • Payload: 16 kg / 35.3 lbs
  • Weight: 33.1 kg / 73 lbs
  • Footprint: 190 mm / 7.5 ins
  • Axis: 6 axis
  • IP class: IP54

Turn-key Cobot Automation

Our robotic cells are ready to work upon delivery providing a plug-and-play, custom solution that can easily be integrated with existing machines or production lines.

End-of-line Packaging

Our collaborative solutions provide a turn-key solution for packaging applications. Featuring a modular design, our packaging robots can be purchased as a complete line or individually for quick automation of existing production lines.

System Features

  • Easily build and tape flat boxes for shipment
  • Fill and inspect boxes for shipment
  • Modular and collaborative - no caging needed!
  • Fully automated - no human interaction needed!

Automated Case Packing

Built to integrate with an existing manufacturing line, this robotic case packing cell packs custom shaped plastic bottles for final shipment.

System Features

  • In-feed conveyors designed to integrate directly with existing equipment
  • Custom end-of-arm tooling designed to pick multiple parts in one cycle
  • Built-in HMI with custom software for simplified usability
  • Fully automated - no human interaction needed!

Machine Tending Robot

Custom designed to integrate with a blow molding machine, this turn-key system is designed with the flexibility to quickly repurpose as production changes.

System Features

  • Custom designed end-effector with built in sensors to assure products are removed from the machine
  • Mobile with mounts that connect directly to blow mold machine
  • Custom software with pre-programmed positions for tooling changes
  • Fully automated - no human interaction needed!
PalletizUR Logo

Collaborative Palletizer

A portable and collaborative palletizing system designed and built by ONExia Inc.

Designed and built by our team of engineers, the PalletizUR™ is a fully collaborative palletizing robot that features custom drag-and-drop software for simplified pallet building.

The PalletizUR is a turn-key solution that requires no additional safety to operate - plug in and palletize!

machine tending robot


Aside from our custom automation solutions, ONExia provides service and support for many of the vendors found on the UR+ store.

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