Piab has a wide experience in various applications and industries, from pick and placing small candies to large heavy boxes. They also aim to reduce your energy consumption and improve your working environment.

Piab Products

As a reliable partner to many of the world's largest manufacturers, Piab develops and manufactures a complete line of vacuum pumps, vacuum accessories, vacuum conveyors and suction cups for a variety of automated material handling and factory automation processes.

  • Packaging
  • Metal Sheets
  • Electronics
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • MedTech
  • Powder & Granules

Suction Cups

A modular suction cup that fits most machines and that can be optimized for handling almost all materials. piGRIP’s different lip types, optimized for various products to lift, ensure the right hardness/softness and sealing capability for your material.

Combined with the firm bellows, piGRIP is stable enough to handle faster accelerations and more high speed lifts as compared to traditional cups.

Suction Cups

piab automtion guide

The Piab Automation Guide is loaded with products and information for vacuum applications. For assistance in selecting the correct products contact us today!

piCOBOT - End-of-arm vacuum tool

Featuring Piab's signature vacuum technology, enabling improved efficiency, productivity and working environments, piCOBOT offers industry certified plug-and-play extensions to the latest collaborative robots, so called cobots.

Automate the kitting process

The gripper is adjustable, together with piSAVE sense – an object sensing valve – the flexibility for kitting process is very big. piCOBOT can pick, one or two items in the same pick, with different shapes or structures.

Wide application range

Thanks to the multistage COAX cartridges the high flow capacity of piCOBOT is outstanding. It can grip anything from very porous to sealed material, from lightweight up to 7kg [15.5Ibs]. A vacuum system based on COAX® technology can provide you with three times more vacuum flow than conventional systems, allowing you to increase speed with high reliability while reducing energy consumption.

Plug and play

Technical and electrical interfaces are seamlessly adapted for UR robots which makes it truly plug and play for the customer. The URCap facilitates installation, set up and programming. There is also onboard intelligence, which makes piCOBOT adjust automatically for every different application.


piSOFTGRIP - handle sensitive and difficult objects

Featuring Piab's signature vacuum technology, enabling improved efficiency, productivity and working environments, piCOBOT offers industry certified plug-and-play extensions to the latest collaborative robots, so called cobots.

piSOFTGRIP has three gripping fingers and a vacuum cavity, all made in one piece, resulting in a simple and robust product. As it is vacuum-driven, the gripping force is easily adjusted and controlled by the applied vacuum level.

  • Cost effective solution for sensitive and difficult objects
  • Intuitive and user-friendly design
  • As easy to control and install as a suction cup
  • Material is food compliant, detectable and antibacterial

Vacuum Gripper System – VGS

Piab’s decentralized Vacuum Gripper system, VGS, is a product solution integrating high quality suction cups with COAX cartridges.

  • VGS makes selection, sizing and installation of a vacuum system much easier. Design and dimension mistakes for the vacuum system will be avoided.
  • You will enjoy the benefits of a more efficient and reliable vacuum system.
  • Increased machine speeds can be achieved thanks to faster response times with the vacuum source right at the cup and better initial vacuum flow which will grip the object faster.
  • The decentralized approach provides safety with one vacuum source per suction point and it also eliminates flow losses in long vacuum hoses, making maximum use of energy.
Cup selection

Decentralized Vacuum System

A decentralized system is designed to have the vacuum pump/cartridge placed directly at the point of suction.

  • Lowest energy usage
  • Fastest cycle time
  • Safest product handling
  • Independently working suction cups
  • Most consistent/even performance
Suction Cups

Centralized Vacuum System

A centralized vacuum system is designed to have one vacuum source for multiple suction points.

  • Easy installation
  • Easy vacuum sensing and controls
  • Light end-of-arm tooling
  • Simple filtration options
  • Some loss in system performance due to distance
Suction Cups

Kenos KCS gripper - your flexible cobot friend

UR+ Certified - Small, powerful and flexible, Kenos® KCS vacuum gripper helps you handle anything, anywhere.

Piab's Kenos KCS gripper enables a collaborative robot (cobot) that can handle just about anything, anywhere, at any time. This makes it the ideal ”co-working” tool, especially for small businesses, where flexibility is essential. Originally developed together with a leading cobot manufacturer as a tailor-made automation tool for one customer, the resulting vacuum gripper cobot proved so successful that Piab decided to offer it more widely.

  • The KCS (Kenos collaborative small) gripping system is equipped with integrated COAX SX cartridges.
  • The quick change system of KCS allows the gripper to move from one application to another very quickly.
  • The COAXSX cartridges- providing high performance even at low or fluctuating feed pressures. The KCS can be equipped with 1 or 2 COAXSX cartridges.
  • The KCS is equipped with a flow restrictor suitable for handling different sized sealed or leaking objects with the same lifting device even if the total foam area is not covered, the KCS will still maintain enough vacuum level to lift the object.

Combining Piab's proprietary air-driven COAX technology for highly efficient vacuum ejection with an easily replaceable technical foam that molds itself around any surface or shape, the Kenos® KCS gripper can be used to safely grip, lift and handle any object. Standard interface (ISO) adapters enable the whole unit to be attached to any cobot type on the market and, with a body made in a lightweight 3D printed material, it can be easily moved to perform different jobs in different parts of a production site, warehouse or other setting.

A cleverly designed quick-change system allows the same unit to be fitted with a special gripper for plastic bags. A simple twist and a secure locking mechanism enables the Kenos® KCS gripper to be configured and ready for new tasks within seconds, improving the productivity of operations and reducing system downtime.

vacuum generator

Vacuum Pumps & Generators

Piab offers a style of Vacuum Pump or Vacuum Generator to fit any application. Styles include inline, compact/stackable, standard, extra safety and chemical resistant.

vacuum generator

Energy Saving Products

piSAVE® products are a group of products save energy in various applications. They enhance an existing vacuum system; either at the suction cup or at the vacuum source.

Kenos Vacuum gripping systems

Kenos is a leading brand for large area vacuum grippers. It is designed and optimized to be used in various applications e.g. packaging, wood, food etc. The product group represents a flexible solution for the handling manipulation of several products with different shapes, dimensions and compactness. Most of the gripping systems can be equipped with integrated vacuum generation or suitable for separated vacuum generation (Pump or Side channel blower).

vacuum generator
cbg piab

3D printed Customizable Bag Gripper (CBG)

The CBG is a configurable 3D printed gripper for handling pouches and bags (nothing else). A special developed configurator tool makes it possible to tailor-design (custom make) a vacuum gripper for a defined bag or pouch in a very simple way.

  • piGRIP FDA approved suction cups for bags/pouches.
  • COAX SX12 vacuum cartridge, special version for dirty/dusty environments. Always one per suction cup.
  • Automatic quick-release function, one per suction cup.
  • Ports for vacuum sensing.
  • One common connection for compressed air.
  • Possibility to send a signal in case of crash.
  • Stabilizers for suction cups as an option, useful in high speed applications.
  • High end 3D printed material, FDA approved as an option.
  • Connection for “zero position“ pin/needle.