Asyril develops, produces and markets high performance flexible feeding systems for parts and components from less than 0.1 up to 150mm in size. Our innovative 3-axis vibration technology can handle bulk parts of any geometry and allows for extremely gentle part feeding.

Flexible 3-Axis Vibration Feeders

Asyril's award-winning series of Asycube flexible feeders offers high performance part feeding, pre-orientation and optimal surface distribution of bulk parts and components.

  • Compatible with all part geometries : 99% of parts can be fed on our feeders - including complex geometries and delicate materials
  • Minimum production changeover times enable flexible, future-proof production systems
  • Extremely gentle part handling due to 3-axis vibration technology : parts can be moved in all directions, including the optimal choice of flipping amplitude for each part. Minimal abrasion as parts do not need to be recirculated. Platform purge possible.
asyril feeder systems
asyril smart sight


Intelligent visual part detection system for designed for Asycube flexible feeders.

asyril modules


Integrated Flexible Feeding Module for OEMs, Builders & Integrators.

asyril cells


High Speed Sorting, Assembly and Palletizing Workstations for End Customers.

asyril delta robot

Delta Robot

Ultra-Precision for Microassembly and Manipulation of Small Parts

Asyril Universal Robots

Asyril’s URCaps plugin guarantees a seamless and fast integration of any Asycube in conjunction with any Universal Robot. The control menus are directly accessible from the teach pendant, making it easy to use and quick to implement

The UR program software packages are tested and approved by Universal Robots and enable a direct data exchange with UR robotics systems.

  • Direct connection between the feeder and the UR controller
  • Select the best suited vibration set for the parts you would like to feed
  • Use pre-configured program nodes to vibrate the feeder in different directions or to activate the integrated backlight directly from the robot program
  • Easily adapt the sample codes provided with the URCaps to your specific application
asyril delta robot