OMRON Software

OMRON Software

CX-One / CX-One Lite

The CX-One software suite allows users to build, configure, and program a host of devices such as PLCs, HMIs, motion-control systems and networks using just one software package with one installation and license number. This greatly reduces the hassle of software maintenance and management at both the End-User and OEM level.

  • One software to support configuration and programming of PLCs, HMI, motion & drives, networks, temperature & process controllers, regulation & switching, and sensors
  • Offline interactive PLC and HMI simulation, only possible with a single source automation supplier
  • One installation and license number for all software
  • On-line registration offers free upgrade, free libraries, FAQ and help
OMRON Software

CX-One / CX-One Lite

Created to give machine developers complete control from a single environment, Sysmac Studio integrates configuration, programming, simulation, and monitoring in a simple interface. This advanced software tool is the sole software required for the NJ-Series machine automation controller, which brings together logic, motion, and vision onto a single platform.

OMRON Software


Reduce the time and complexity of configuring, commissioning and maintaining servos and inverters with a single software tool. CX-Drive includes support for features in the new Accurax G5 servo system and MX2 inverter.

  • Supports the complete range of Omron servos and inverters
  • Auto tuning wizard
  • FFT function, resonant frequency analysis of a mechanical system
  • Easy drive configuration and monitoring
  • Real time and data trace
  • Full access to devices from one connection
  • Remote access
OMRON Software


NS-Runtime brings all the features and capabilities of the NS-Series Advanced Touch Screen directly to your PC or IPC, with the additional convenience and functionality of a PC. Access PLC and other automation data side-by-side with machine documents, manuals, videos, or programs.

  • ses the same CX-Designer projects as the NS-Series, no need to redevelop
  • Access PC files and programs
  • USB Hardware dongle for transportability
OMRON Software


Omron’s CX-Thermo support software has been specially developed for use with the company’s E5AC/E5CC/E5DC/E5EC, E5AN/E5GN, E5_N-H, E5ZN, E5AR, E5ER and CelciuXº temperature controllers. CX-Thermo enables faster parameter set-up, easier device adjustment and simpler maintenance. It dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to set and manage temperature control parameters.

  • Advanced parameter setting and editing
  • Batch-downloading functions
  • Graphical online monitoring of set point, process value and manipulated value
  • Graphical PID tuning tool is also included, providing a simple interface where the controller can be set to tune for optimum stability, reduced overshoot or better disturbance rejection
OMRON Software


CX-Supervisor is dedicated to the design and operation of PC visualisation and machine control in Omron controller applications. It is not only simple to use for small supervisory and control tasks, but it also offers a wealth of power for the design of the most sophisticated applications.

CX-Supervisor boasts powerful functions for a wide range of PC based HMI requirements. Simple applications can be created rapidly with the aid of a large number of predefined functions and libraries, and even very complex applications can be generated with a powerful programming language or VBScript™. CX-Supervisor has an extremely simple, intuitive handling and high user friendliness. Importing ActiveX® components makes it possible to create flexible applications and extend functionality.

OMRON Software

CX-Server LITE

As a pair to the Omron CX-Server OPC product, CX-Server Lite allows designers of custom programs to send and receive PLC data and manipulate controllers within Omron networks. Users can create simple PC-based HMI projects, using no more than office-standard software, such as Microsoft Excel.

  • Supports all Omron Networks
  • Communicates to CS/CJ/C/CV and CP family PLCs, Trajexia, Celciux and ZX Sensors
  • Supports all Omron communication protocols
  • Program from Visual Basic, Excel or .NET
  • Simple configuration using graphical components or complex scripting using API
OMRON Software

CX-Server OPC

CX-Server OPC provides a connection between the industry standard OPC interface specification and Omron's network architecture and controllers. CX-Server OPC allows any OPC compliant client software to interface easily with Omron.

  • Compatible with OPC Data Access 1.0a and 2.05 SCADA clients
  • Implements optional interfaces like Symbol Browsing and hierarchical workspace
  • Supports all Omron Networks
  • Communicates to CS/CJ/C/CV and CP family PLCs, Trajexia, Celciux and ZX Sensors
  • Supports all Omron communication protocols
OMRON Software

InduSoft SCADA

Omron Industrial Automation is an official partner of InduSoft, Inc. Together, Omron and InduSoft provide a joint-venture product which includes the latest InduSoft Web Studio SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) development and runtime software, along with Omron middleware - enabling native connectivity to supported Omron products and offline simulation. The Omron InduSoft offering is an ideal solution for systems with a mix of Omron and 3rd party automation products, multiple databases, and accessing systems remotely via web deployment.

  • Complete system interconnectivity with native support for 240+ device drivers and databases
  • Easy web deployment for remote monitoring & control and mobile applications
  • Highest data integrity and reliability though redundant server technology
  • Extensive graphic library and graphical tools for user-customization
  • Compatible with all version of Windows and Windows Server operating systems, and previous versions of InduSoft
  • Single license to manage includes all features and add-ons
  • All drivers, customization, and graphical features included - licenses priced only on number of Tags, Drivers, and Thin Clients