OMRON Automation Systems

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

A programmable logic controller (PLC) or programmable controller is an industrial digital computer which has been ruggedized and adapted for the control of manufacturing processes, such as assembly lines, or robotic devices, or any activity that requires high reliability, ease of programming and process fault diagnosis.

Omron CP2E PLC

Micro PLC designed to support data collection and machine to machine communication.

The CP2E, for small to medium machines, builds on the heritage of the CP1 series of compact controllers by adding function block capabilities, extended environmental ratings, up to 2 Ethernet ports, RS232/485, USB, up to 2 option boards for analog and options, up to 3 expansion modules for up to 180 individual I/O points.

  • Communication enhanced for machine to machine and IIoT.
  • Functionality is expandable with option boards and expansion modules.
  • Function blocks to speed program development.
  • Enhanced environmentals for harsher applications.


The CP1E series offers all functionality you need to control relatively simple applications, including outstanding positioning capability. All CP1E CPUs offer high-speed USB for quick programming. The “Easy Input Editor” software feature allows faster programming by using an intuitive ladder editor to create an organized application program. The CP1E series comes in two different types: CP1E-E is the most economical, while the CP1E-N has a built-in real-time clock, motion control capabilities, and a serial port to connect an HMI, barcode reader, or other serial device. Several optional units are available to increase the functionality. As the CP1E series shares the same architecture as the CP1L, CP1H, CJ, and CS series, programs are compatible for memory allocations and instructions.



When it comes to controllers for compact machines, our CP1L series offers the compactness of a micro-PLC with the capabilities of a modular PLC. It provides all the functionality you need to control your machine, including outstanding positioning capability. On top of this some CP1L models have an embedded Ethernet port with socket services functionality to give you flexible connectivity for monitoring, operating, logging and remote access. The CP1L is completed with a range of optional boards for serial communication or analogue I/O and further expansion units in case more I/O is needed. As the CP1L series shares the same architecture as the CP1H, CJ1, and CS1 series, programs are compatible for memory allocations and instructions.



Designed for compact machines, the CP1H is the advanced high-speed all-in-one compact PLC. Four high-speed counters and four pulse outputs are ideal for multi-axis positioning control. The CP1H-XA comes with four analogue inputs and two analogue outputs built-in. This makes it suitable for simple loop control, using the PLC's advanced PID control function with auto-tuning. The CP1H can be expanded with different I/O and supports up to two CJ1W special I/O units. This means that it is open to popular fieldbuses and supports most communication units of the CJ series.



  • Function block programming for easy engineering
  • Seamless integration of sequence control and loop control
  • HMI windows can be simply generated from function blocks automatically
  • Control functions have the added ability to control multiple loops
  • Consolidating the proven CS series loop-control technology
  • Effective maintenance functions
  • Low-cost solution for controlling multiple loops


  • Always accessible through standard USB port
  • Standard Ethernet port with EtherNet/IP Data Link function
  • Wide range of program capacities from 5K steps to 60K steps
  • Serial option board
  • Dedicated function block memory ensures efficient execution of function block software modules


  • Always accessible through standard USB support
  • Standard Ethernet port with EtherNet/IP Data Link function
  • High program capacity of up to 400K steps
  • Higher precision for machine operation and processing quality
  • Immediate refreshing of basic I/O ensures real-time processing
  • High data memory capacity of up to 832K words


  • Fast CPUs with large program capacity
  • Extensive choice of special function units for motion- and temperature control, and special communication processing
  • IEC 61131-3 Structured Text programming, extensive function block libraries
  • CompactFlash memory card slot for data storage and program exchange
  • Easy migration from C200H systems; re-use your existing I/Os


  • Choose the level of redundancy needed; CPU, power supply, communication
  • No special programming or software tools required
  • Hot-swapping of I/O units
  • All standard CS1 I/O units can be mounted
  • Ideal for control of power generators, water supply utilities, 24/7 production.

Machine Automation Controllers

Omron CK3M - Programmable Multi-Axis Controller

he new CK3M-series motion controller is a programmable, multi-axis technology that delivers never-before-seen output speeds and enables nano-level, high-precision positioning. Combining the advanced motion control capabilities originally developed by Delta Tau Systems with Omron’s compact and streamlined design, the new controller has a variety of features that enhance quality and flexibility on the production line, particularly for industries like automotive and semiconductor.

  • Output speeds of 50 µs/5 axes
  • Nanoscale motion control capabilities
  • Connectivity to any motor or encoder using axis and accessory modules
  • EtherCAT connection for flexibility in connectivity
  • Advanced kinematics for robot and CNC control
CK3M Machine Controller

NX701 Machine Automation Controller

Built in AI for data collection, analysis, and utilization

The AI Controller version of the NX7 Machine Automation Controller allows for data collection, analysis, and utilization completely for the purpose of high-speed and high-accuracy Anomaly Detection. This functionality is designed to extend equipment life and utilization, as well as help manufacturers improve production quality. By implementing AI on the Edge, without Fog or Cloud connectivity, manufacturers avoid additional infrastructure and maintenance costs associated with off-premises solutions, also protecting their data security.

  • Ideal for detecting mechatronic issues and correcting them
  • Highest data collection speed and security with integrated Time Series Database
  • Data collection cycle (min. 125µs) synchronized with machine control cycle for immediate response
  • Sysmac Libraries available for AI Predictive Maintenance
  • Programmed using Sysmac Studio software
CK3M Machine Controller

Automation Controller with SQL Client Functionality

The SQL version of the NX7 Machine Automation Controller allows for direct access to SQL databases via the built-in EtherNet/IP port.

  • Ideal for reliable data logging and quality control traceability
  • Insert, Update, and Select to/from SQL databases
  • Supports Oracle and Microsoft SQL database servers
  • No additional software, hardware or middleware required
  • Access up to three databases on three servers from a single NX7 controller
  • Automatically logs SQL commands and responses to local SD memory card
  • Local data spooling if connection is lost to SQL database server – 2MB max
Machine Controller


The NX7 is the highest performance Sysmac CPU, designed to address the most demanding industrial control and motion applications, laying the infrastructure for Big Data support.

Machine Controller


NX1P is a powerful all-in-one controller in the sysmac platform designed to manage advanced motion, networking, IO and onsite IoT in a compact entry model.

Machine Controller


The NJ1 is the entry level Sysmac CPU, designed to address basic industrial controller applications, while improving engineering integration time, system flexibility, and overall performance.

Machine Controller


The NJ3 expands the Omron Sysmac NJ-Series Machine Automation Controller (MAC) platform to 4 and 8 axes.

Machine Controller


The NJ-Series hardware has been designed to adapt to the quickly changing demands of a machine automation controller.

Remote I/O

Remote I/O

NX Series

Performance and Practicality for Machine Control.

Remote I/O


NX Series IO-Link Master Unit.

Remote I/O


When speed counts: EtherCAT I/O.

Remote I/O


GX Series IO-Link Master Unit.

Remote I/O


The smartest modular I/O system.

Remote I/O


Smart DeviceNet I/O.

Remote I/O


Smart CompoNet I/O.

Remote I/O


Fast and easy over CompoBus/S.

Remote I/O


IP67 DeviceNet I/O.

Remote I/O


IP67 CompoBus/S.

Remote I/O

ERT1 (Field I/O)

ERT1 – CIP Based EtherNet/IP IP67 I/O with short and open circuit detection.

Remote I/O


ERT1 – CIP Based EtherNet/IP I/O with Cage Clamp Connections and short and open circuit detection.

Human Machine Interfaces


NA Series

The next generation of Machine Interface.



One-touch machine management.



5" Advanced Touch Screen.


NS5 Handheld

5" Advanced Hand-Held Touch Screen.


NB Series

OEM Focused Touch Screen.



Compact & Simple Touch Screen.


NY Series IPC

Reliable Industrial Panel PC (IPC).