Robotic Packaging automation

The answer to your labor shortage! ONExia offers complete packaging line automation solutions using collaborative or industrial robots.

packaging line drawing

Our modular systems can be purchased as a complete line or as separate machines based on your application needs.

Case Former Robot

Using a UR10e collaborative robot, the Case Former Robot takes flat boxes, erects them, and tapes the bottom making them ready to be packed at the next stage of line.


  • Two flat shipper magazines
  • Bottom box taper
  • Driven end conveyor
  • Custom vacuum end-effector
  • Welded, mobile robot pedestal


By using a collaborative robot we have eliminated the need for safety caging reducing the overall footprint of the system.

  • Safety scanners located at magazine loading station to slow robot during refill
case former
case packer
case packer

Case Packer Robot

The Case Packer Robot uses a UR10e collaborative robot to pack pre-erected and bottom taped boxes with product for final shipment. A vision sensor can be added to inspect case prior to sealing.


  • Custom end-effector designed to product specifics
  • Welded, mobile robot pedestal
  • Easily moved and reprogrammed as products change
  • Optional vision sensor to ensure box packed correctly


By using a collaborative robot we have eliminated the need for safety caging reducing the overall footprint of the system.

  • Optional safety scanner available

Add-on Packaging Line Accessories

Solutions built to me end-user specifications. All of our packaging products can easily have additional auxiliary equipment added to solve the needs of the application.


  • Placed after the case packing robot in packaging line
  • Labels are put on box at specified location


  • Orientation / quality control verification
  • Label verification

Reject Station

  • If boxes fail inspection, a reject conveyor can be added
  • Nesting cylinder / reject pusher included
reject station
PPE Personal Protective Equipment

PalletizURâ„¢ Palletizing Robot

The PalletizURâ„¢ is a flexible palletizing system that provides end-users the features needed to quickly setup a robot for packing and palletizing boxes or other standardized products for final shipment.


  • Portable - easily moved with pallet jack or fork lift
  • Minimal integration - plug & play system that is ready in minutes
  • Custom end-effectors - easily adjusted as case size changes
  • Software - drag and drop pallet configuration
  • Continuous operation - 2 pallet reach for continuous production
  • Auto-height adjustment - adjusts to pallet height specifications


The PalletizURâ„¢ does not require any caging or guarding to run at collaborative speed. If the case rate requires speeds above collaborative speed additional safety equipment is available.

*RECOMMENDED: A safety risk assessment performed by end-user